app YOUR city now!

A city app is the modern digital information source of your town or city. Do you recognize this situation: your friends tell you there was a great party last night somewhere downtown. And you didn't know...With your local city app you will always have up-to-date information in your smartphone or tablet.



  • Modern appearance.

  • Easy and quick accessible information. 

  • Professional support from design to delivery.

  • Expensive? Let us surprise you!

  • No painstaking long development, time to market is a matter of weeks.



The design of Mijn Cityapp is developed in such a way that a new app can be developed in a very short time. IIs your town or city the next using Mijn Cityapp?



The best ideas often emerge from a direct need or frustration. Mijn Cityapp was created as a result of our own experiences. Simply because we were looking for an easy, modern way of finding the information we wanted!

Content management


The succes of an app is largely defined by the actuality of the information presented. You can easily achieve this by using our CMS. But we can make it even easier for you. You deliver us the information and we will keep the CMS up-to-date. That is!